SOPHIE scratch-and-sniff card


The fan-made SOPHIE scratch-and-sniff tribute card was originally produced in commemoration for trans music pioneer Sophie Xeon in February 2021. The card features blind-embossed designs on black, heavy card-stock with silver foil lettering. The card features 9 scents accompanying the HEAV3N WITHOUT U performance video as well as 9 SOPHIE tracks. The playlist (and their odors) are:

  1. SOPHIE – It’s Okay To Cry : mildewed lilacs
  2. SOPHIE – Reason Why (ft. BC Kingdom & Kim Petras) : cherry & menthol
  3. SOPHIE – Ponyboy : horse stable
  4. SOPHIE – Europe for the Summer (ft. Arca) : tomato, honey, basil
  5. Charli XCX – Runaway (Down Like Woah) : campfire & oranges
  6. SOPHIE & Liz – Sunscreen : musk & fish
  7. Charli XCX – Vroom Vroom : chocolate gasoline
  8. SOPHIE – OOH : earth
  9. Charli XCX – High on Helium (SOPHIE remix) : light cotton candy

The card was raffled at SOPHIEfest in support of THORN, For the Gworls, and Gendered Intelligence.

Flatbed scan of the SOPHIE scratch-and-sniff tribute card produced for the SOPHIEfest raffle.
Stills from the performance video HEAV3N WITHOUT U (2021).